Mensken provides software for the best assessment system there is: interRAI.

interRAI is a not for profit organization aimed to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people, through comprehensive assessments, big data algorithms and research. interRAI is used in over 35 countries worldwide for over 30 years, and more than 80 universities are connected to this network. These researchers continuously improve the assessment system and algorithms, and venture into more segments of care and well-being.

With the goal that people can have insight in their potential, their potential pitfalls and the areas in where they need care.

In some countries or parts of countries, interRAI assessments are mandatory for care planning and reimbursement. Like the United States of America and large parts of Canada, Belgium, and Finland. This results in a collective database of over 100 million completed assessments, from which the research, algorithms and assessment forms originate and are validated against.

With this in mind, interRAI can be seen as the international gold standard when it comes to comprehensively assessing the needs and possibilities of people.

interRAI assessment en classificatie systeem

interRAI assessments are applicable to different segments of care, well-being and ages. Mensken facilitates the following segments at this moment in the software Sophie:


nursing home, home care and community care


hospital care


vitality and self-assessments


(community) mental health


child and youth mental health


Balanced system

interRAI is a carefully balanced and comprehensive system for care and well-being. Through more than 35 years of research and practice, assessments are constructed consisting of the right questions and algorithms in the right settings. The importance of this arises from the fact that frailty – especially in senior people – often is intricate and very complex. Screeners and questionnaires that scan only part of someone’s health seem practical in use, but more often than not do not trigger underlying problems or risk factors (or too late).

Mensken continually interacts with the participating universities in the interRAI network to keep the balance between practicality, compactness and comprehensiveness.

Taking frail senior people as an example: more than half of them have 8 or more problem areas. Triggered areas that can influence one another, and these effects can be magnified by used medication and their side-effects. A comprehensive and well-balanced system is important: to provide the right support for the right people at the right time. Because they deserve it!

Advantages and benefits

  • Improved quality of care, support and life (in general)

  • Increase in patient satisfaction

  • Lower costs

  • Objective and fair / equitable insight in care needs

  • Widely used and validated assessment system

  • Insight for patient and family, care professional and organization

  • Increase in care employees’ expertise and knowledge levels

  • Better collaboration between doctors, nurses and other (care) professionals

  • Decrease in medication use

  • Applicable for all segments of (health) care

Scientific partners

InterRAI is a world-wide network of academics and researchers from over 80 universities, of which:

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Harvard University, USA

University of Waterloo, Canada

Tsinghua University, China