Welcome at Mensken

Our ambition:
Affordable, accessible and qualitative patient-centered health care

With an aging populations, societies worldwide face the same challenge:

  • pressure on quality of healthcare
  • rising healthcare costs
  • age-related risks (falling incidents, death by fire incidents, et cetera)

Our mission is that all people can age with dignity, having the best tools and advices to make the final years of their lives also great years.

We believe that care, starting with elderly care, can be of better quality, and be better organized, when we put senior people (with their families) in the center.

We believe that innovation can help in our mission, by providing an eHealth platform that provides valuable and necessary insight in health conditions.

To realize this mission, we developed Sophie!

Sophie for…

seniors and their family

insight and awareness

Sophie is specifically designed for the end-user: seniors that may or may not receive care, and their family. They have insight in their own health and well-being data, can create awareness and insight by completing self-assessments and can share their data with whomever they choose.
This gives peace of mind for both seniors and their family.

care professionals

care planning with interRAI

Our services are based on the interRAI assessment suite. This assessment suite originally was designed to aid care professionals and care organizations in providing the best care against lower costs. It is proven to improve the quality of care and the educational level of your employees.


community care

Sophie brings the community together. By choosing with whom you share your care information, the whole community can participate in improving senior people’s situation. Insight can be generated in the main issues per community, to tackle these together. This can also provide insight on a city, municipality or regional level, and creates potential to benchmark for quality and costs

Sophie explained

Mensken developed Sophie as a new health care platform. Quality of life is our key objective in this userfriendly (webbased) application. By establishing – objectively – what people can do themselves and where their needs are: needs for care, and needs from a well-being perspective. And by measuring the progress or decrease in functions over time.

Seniors that experience frailty and are in need of care, can share their information in Sophie with care organizations, care professionals, and their family. So that everyone’s on the same page. So that everyone has the same up-to-date information and real-time insight in the needs and possibilities.

This results in better quality of care, better quality of life, and also saves costs!